Economic Development, Employment & Training

Economic Development

Our Economic Development efforts are linked to a series of networks which include the Kekekoziibii Development Corporation, Joint Ventures and Contracts. The Economic Development and Training and Employment services handles Entrepreneurship, Job Creation & Work, Employment & Training, as well as Business Development. These developments help us create a more sustainable, resilient and strong community.

Employment & Training Opportunties

Some of the main goals of Shoal Lake 40 First Nation are to provide opportunities to our communities and build resiliency for our futures. Below you will find upcoming employment opportunities and training opportunities for our community members. 

We are also a proud partner of the Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership which also provides opportunities to our community to work on the Highway Twinning between Manitoba and Kenora. 

Current employment & training opportunities

Family Advocate – Job Opportunities

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation requires a Family Advocate Worker and a Support Worker located in Kenora, Thunder Bay and Winnipeg, as well as an Administrative Assistant in Winnipeg. To...

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Kekekoziibii Development Corporation

Key Objectives
The Kekekoziibii Development Corporation (“KDC”) is responsible for advancing the community’s economic development goals, to put community resources to work, and to connect community members to opportunity. KDC is involved in numerous files from physical development on-reserve, to training and professional development, to community engagement and involvement. 

CEO – Diane Redsky
Finance – Liz Ricklefs
Phone: 807-733-1325