Executive Administration

Executive Administration

Our Executive Administration serves our community first and foremost. They link community with Chief and Council, external agencies, governance initiatives, resource development and consultation. The Executive administration is also integral to connecting to each of the Nation portfolios and services such as the Education, Health, Infrastructure and Economic Development, and play a large role in band management and the communities finance and administration.

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Current Executive Administration

Kevin Redsky
Bill Wahpay
Tania Bruyere
Brenda Freel
Connie-Rae White
Vernon Fair
Marcella Wood
Don Morrison
Esther Redsky
Miranda Redsky
Cheryl Archie-Redsky
Veronica Redsky
Cami White
Anthony Greene
Linda Redsky
Cathy Green
Lorne Redsky
Doreen Moellenbeck-Dushnitsky

Councillor, Economic Development
Councillor, Housing & Infrastructure
Councillor, Health & Social
Councillor, Education & Child Welfare
Band Manager
Human Resources Administrator
Finance Director
Finance Administrator
Social Services Administrator 
Band Office Secretary
Membership/Registration Clerk
Medical Referral Clerk
Water Technician
Home & Community Care
Healing / Wellness Worker
Family Wellbeing Worker
Jordan’s Principle Lead Coordinator
Family & Child Advocate