Chief and Council

Chief and Council are a key component of Shoal Lake 40’s governance structure. It is committed to working collaboratively with the Governance Circles in decision-making, to engage the community regularly, and to advance the collective goals and objectives of the Nation.

Our Chief and Council were elected on March 16th, 2020.

SL40 Governance Project

As the elders have eloquently expressed, the present state of our community is one of which is filled by anger, jealousy, resentment and pain, caused and guided by an external system of governance based on greed and power that is designed to divide and conquer. Our people have become accustomed to this over several years of assimilation at the expense of our families and friends, who have almost become strangers to one another. As anishinabeg we were once guided by the seven natural laws that harmonized the community and where everyone had a duty and responsibility as a member of the tribe. It is with this, and based on the elders concerns, the seven natural laws should be our guiding principles of our Governance Council, Executive Councils and Legal and Political Council for the benefit of our future generations. It is our duty and responsibility.