Message of Gratitude – February 14, 2023


Shoal Lake leadership and Management wishes to send out a message of thanks and gratitude for the continuous support the community has received during these difficult times.

Over the last few days, we have seen the community come together to help the families impacted, who lost everything during this tragic event. Our front line staff have made themselves available and have been in and out of community while helping the families currently displaced in nearby cities. The assistance provided has included transportation, assistance with shopping for clothing, toys and food and all necessary immediate needs. The team has made themselves available all hours of the day by offering all resources available to ensure the families are in a safe and healthy environment. Thank you team for going above and beyond in looking after the families.

Arrangements in community have included that furniture has been ordered, temporary accommodations have been made and plans to rebuild the much needed homes have begun. The team in community have been working diligently in ensuring suitable arrangements are being made for the families upon their return to the community.

We commend and applaud the whole community for coming together for the families and to all who have provided donations and their time to assist Shoal Lake 40.

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