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148th Anniversary of Treaty #3

October 3rd is the 148th anniversary of Treaty #3. Our Treaty’s origin dates back to 1873 when the Ojibwe peoples and the Government of Canada signed Treaty 3, which provided the federal government access to the Saulteaux land in present-day northwestern Ontario and eastern Manitobain exchange for various goods and Indigenous rights to hunting, fishing and natural resources on reserve lands. The terms and text of Treaty 3 set precedents for the eight Numbered Treaties that followed.

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After 24 years of water advisories, Shoal Lake 40 First Nation can drink from the tap (CBC News)

After more than two decades without clean drinking water, Shoal Lake 40 First Nation on the Ontario-Manitoba border is celebrating the opening of a water treatment facility and the end of water advisories for the community.
Despite drawing water from the same source as the City of Winnipeg, Shoal Lake 40 has never had a centralized water treatment facility.
Construction of the new $33-million water treatment facility and system started in 2019.
Now all the homes in the community are hooked up to clean drinking water from the plant.

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