Pandemic Response Team

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Rapid testing on close contacts | 04/30/2021

Our pandemic planning team has conducted rapid testing on the individuals that have come into close contact with individuals who have recently tested positive for Covid-19.
The rapid testing has resulted in 1 Positive for Covid-19.

proper mask wearing

Covid-19 Variants Update | 04/26/2021

Last week, we learned that two of our neighboring communities are experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak and one community has reported two known variants of concern. This is our first confirmation of COVID-19 variants of concerns in our region and in response we have activated our COVID-19 Protect Protocols, effective April, 26, 2021.


covid-19 pandemic update | 04/24/2021

This memo is to advise our community members that due to the recent active cases in our neighboring communities, we will only be allowing member access into the community at this time, this means people that reside in the community will be allowed access as well as essential workers.

Vaccine Updates    |    April 28, 2021
The stats are in! Some good news regarding our vaccination roll out! 79% is a huge number! Thank you Brenda for coordinating such a successful roll out and to those that have helped book, appointments and to transport our members to the vaccine clinic.
Stay safe and vigilant!
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