Prevention Cultural Coordinator – Job Opportunity


Prevention Cultural Worker – Job Opportunity

The Prevention Cultural Worker will recommend, set up and/or identify existing cultural programs for the different age groups of children and youth, as well as with families and community members to reconnect and enhance positive and strong cultural identities.

● Coordinate prevention cultural programs to support children and families with prevention services that focus on child, family and community well-being.
● Develop and plan cultural programming such as cultural camps, elder services, land-based activities, language camps and traditional ceremonies.
● Continuously monitor, update, and document resources accessed and available for children and families.
● Develop and implement processes to gather information, monitor, evaluate and track data using a variety of methods that allow for analysis, summarization and reporting.
● Provide advice and guidance to agency staff regarding the availability of resources, programs and services available.
● Monitor and track prevention activities along with financial expenditures i.e. cultural awareness, community well-being, parenting programs and workshops, preventative support/intervention, etc.
● Ensure understanding of funding and reporting requirements.
● Problem solve any issues or concerns regarding a prevention services request and cancel or modify any request if required.
● Maintain the data on prevention services and programs database to provide monthly reports for evaluation and tracking.

If this position interests you, please click here for the full posting and info on how to apply.

Deadline to apply: Wednesday, September 21, 2023

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